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Understanding Gender Stereotypes

Online class structure:
It consists of four parts, addressing all key aspects of the gender stereotypes issue:
1. Gender stereotypes and their common presence in the workplace.
2. Gender stereotypes in the company, their impact on recruitment, career progression, and working relationships.
3. Identifying and detecting gender stereotypes and proposing strategies to limit their negative effects.
4. Practical tips to promote diversity and create a more inclusive work environment.
 Class objectives: 
Help learners understand gender stereotypes and challenge them,
Provide means to take action in favor of diversity and inclusion.
By choosing this online class, companies can demonstrate their commitment to diversity and gender equality while providing their employees with practical, enjoyable, and interactive training.
This e-learning module is an effective tool to help companies promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace while enhancing the understanding and management of gender stereotypes. With this module, employees can become better informed and more aware of these issues, contributing to the creation of a more respectful and inclusive work environment.
Topics covered in the online class: workplace sexism, sexist micro-aggressions, sexist behaviors, gender stereotypes, unconscious biases, etc.
Excerpts from the class on gender stereotypes

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