Conferences to raise awareness and engage your employees

In an interactive or classic format, easily raise awareness among all your employees on complex topics
What are the two available conference formats?

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Being an actor and actress

Interactive format

The interactive conference offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness and engage your employees on the issue of inclusion and diversity by offering them the chance to take our self-assessment in real-time (anonymously). In addition, you will have access to a link to the self-assessment throughout the day to distribute internally to those who could not attend the conference, allowing them to raise awareness despite their absence. You will also receive statistics to better understand the culture of your employees on the subject. The conference alternates between moments of presentation and explanation with participants taking the self-assessment.

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Classic format

In-person or remote, a 1-hour 20-minute conference during which we will have the opportunity to raise awareness among your employees on the issues of diversity and inclusion based on the specific theme you have chosen from our catalog.






Focus on experiential learning

"To encourage engagement from your teams, it is important to offer them concrete experiences. Immerse them in real-life situations so that they can better understand the obstacles that their colleagues belonging to minorities may face."

Soraya Khadir Partner, DE&I Expert, International Content Director

Examples of conferences on inclusion and diversity

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Preventing sexism and sexual violence in the workplace (classic or interactive format)

Understanding how to prevent sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace. Does fighting against sexism mean that nothing can be said or joked about anymore? Can men be victims of sexism? Can women be sexist?



Acting against sexism, an individual and collective responsibility (classic or interactive format)

How to take concrete action as a manager, witness, or victim? This conference complements the previous one by delving deeply into the mechanisms that hinder the liberation of speech and the postures to adopt to take concrete action. (classic or interactive format).


Understanding inclusion: creating an inclusive work environment is an individual and collective responsibility (classic or interactive format)

Inclusion is a dynamic approach that complements Diversity policies. Beyond what the company can implement in terms of policies, HR and managerial practices, inclusion is a posture that every employee can adopt.




la management inclusifInclusive management (interactive format)

Diversity in all its forms is a source of richness and performance, provided that it is properly managed. This management of differences in order to bring out the best in them is called Inclusive Management. It creates a framework in which everyone feels recognized and respected with all their specificities and can express their talents and potential. This conference is built around the 5 pillars of inclusive management and is conducted interactively with a self-assessment via the Me&YouToo platform. (interactive format)

Download excerpts from our interactive conferences.

Our conferences are designed to encourage active engagement from our participants by providing opportunities to share their experiences and self-assess through the interactive format of these conferences. Everyone has an important role to play in promoting inclusion and diversity, and we want to create a space where participants can learn from each other and feel inspired to take action.

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Types of conferences

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you need the participants' contact information?

    participants conférences

    You are the sole organizer of the conference. You communicate the conference date and means of attendance to your colleagues. We do not interfere with your organization.

  • Who are your expert facilitators?
    Our experts are all senior in their expertise, with between 10 and 20 years of experience. They benefit from a rich benchmark of the different types of audiences encountered, in all types of sectors.
  • Can we record the video of the conference to broadcast a replay?
    2 femmes et 1 homme derrière leur écran

    It depends on the conference.
    If you choose the interactive format with the administration of the self-diagnosis test, make sure to take a license that continues after the conference: it helps preventing the disappointment of not being able to relate to the contents of the Webapp. It can indeed be very disappointing for your people who want to experience the event like the others.

  • Are there any limitations in terms of the number of participants?

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    On our side, there is no limit, the constraint often comes from your webinar tool. It's important to verify before sending out all the invitations!

  • Can we have an interactive conference in-person?
    Conférence vidéo

    We can conduct the interactive conference remotely, which makes it easier to send the link for the diagnostic test taken by the participants on that day. However, we can also be present in your premises, either to be filmed for live streaming to people in remote locations, or to conduct the conference in person in front of your present employees.
    Hybrid (in-person and remote) conferences are also possible.

  • Can we hold a conference in multiple languages?

    conférence à l'international

    Not only do we have international experts, but we also culturally adapt the content to each geographical area to stay true to our mission of inclusion.
    For example, at the request of a large French company with an international presence, we organized three conferences on International Women's Day, all on the same day - one in French, one in Spanish, and one in English.

What do our customers say?
  • "Sharing with Me&YouToo encourages both introspection and openness to others. Special thanks to Inès Dauvergne."

    Léa Léger-1
    Léa Léger

    Regional Director, La Poste Group

  • "Me&YouToo's excellent interventions to raise our teams' awareness of inclusion and sexism. I would recommend them 100%."

    Morgane Reckel EY Europe West Culture & Experience Leader. Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Innovation Leader France chez Ernst & Young LLP
    Morgane Reckel

    Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Innovation Leader France chez Ernst & Young LLP

  • "An innovative and dynamic conference format combining interactivity and self-diagnosis. Perfect for awareness-raising campaigns on the complex subject of discrimination. The high quality of the speakers and the responsiveness of the teams who supported us in our awareness-raising campaigns. Thank you for all your hard work!"

    laetitia pinchart-1
    Laëtitia Pinchart

    HR and risk prevention – ENEDIS

  • "Inès is a top speaker! She has a great knowledge and mastery of the subjects she covers in her webinars. Inès is able to anticipate needs and put across messages that are accessible to everyone. She also has a capacity to answer questions asked during the conference with ease and pragmatism."

    corine athas infrabel
    Corine Athas

    CSR advisor Infrabel

  • "The conference/live self-diagnosis approach enables participants to grasp the concepts very effectively and to question our own reactions, without feeling guilty. Excellent methodology."

    Cécile Alhinc-Camy - Responsable Diversité et Insertion Adecco Group
    Cécile Alhinc-Camy

    Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Adecco

  • "A very nice conference, very informative and appreciated by all our employees."

    Sophie Flourens Sopra Steria
    Sophie Flourens

    Head of Retention in disability - Sopra Steria

  • "A topic which did not seem to be easy to discuss at first, but became obvious after the conference!"

    Isabelle le dinh generali
    Isabelle Le Dinh

    Head of Diversity and Employer Brand/Partnerships at Generali

  • "Excellent conference on raising awareness of sexism prevention in the workplace."

    Marion baudet
    Marion Baudet

    Human Engagement, Diversity & Equal Opportunities Department Bouygues Construction

  • "We attended a conference run by Inès on gender discrimination. It was a great way of sharing with the teams and we learnt a lot. This kind of event is a great opportunity for the company to show where it stands on the topic. Everyone at Syxperiane was reassured by the conference, and the feedback from our teams was very positive.

    Johann Legault 1
    Johann Legault